Helcim is Trusted by Thousands of Businesses

Trust is the reason new businesses open accounts with us.
Trust is the reason clients stay with us.
And trust is the reason they refer their colleagues to us.

Derek Major, Eligeo IT, Calgary

"I couldn't be more satisfied with the service. PayPal no longer dictates which transactions I'm entitled to. Everything just shows up in my bank account in the morning and my customers now see my business name on their credit card statements instead of PayPal. I would definitely recommend Helcim to clients that need processing."

Violin Narooz, Arabesque Music Studios, Calgary

"I look forward to working with you. I can tell already that I've made the right choice. Your customer service is amazing. Thank you for your willingness to accommodate me. It truly means a lot. If I know of any businesses that are looking for credit card option payments know that you'll certainly be recommended. Thanks for going the extra mile."

Lisa Myers, The Hair Attic, Halifax

"I've had to deal with many companies and businesses in the process of setting up my business and you have by far given me the best customer service of the bunch. It's refreshing to actually get quick responses and exact information. I never thought I'd be so thrilled dealing with a merchant provider!"

Agnes Hobmaier, Transformed Interiors, Calgary

"I'm so glad I signed with Helcim instead of the processor my bank was recommending. My account rep was friendly and always there to answer my questions. I've recommended them to all my colleagues."

Pam Kushar, VP Finance, Fleetwatch Systems, Toronto

"It's refreshing to call a company that picks up the phone and remembers who you are. The customer service that Helcim provides is outstanding and their Virtual Terminal makes credit card payments stress free."